The rare 1979 synthesizer is the latest to be emulated for the System-1 keyboard.

Roland’s AIRA line has given us virtual replicas of everything from the TR-808 drum machine to the SH-101 synthesizer since it launched last year. The latest piece of vintage Roland gear to be emulated in software form for AIRA hardware is a slightly lesser-known synthesiser – the Promars from 1979.

A monophonic sibling of the analog Jupiter-4 synth, the Promars was noted for being able to create fatter synth tones than other monosynths due to its unique architecture. Like the recent Plug-Out version of the SH-101, Roland has used its ‘Analog Circuit Behavior’ technology to recreate the sound of the Promars with “total accuracy”.

As with all of Roland’s Plug-Out synths, if you’ve got a System-1 you’ll be able to load the emulation onto the keyboard and use it independently of a computer. If you don’t, you can still use it as a standalone VST in your digital workstation of choice. You can buy it digitally from the Roland website now, and watch a video outlining its features below. [via Synthtopia]

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