Plus Royal-T’s hooked up with P Money for his new Shotta EP.

Royal-T, DJ Q and Flava D have formed a Butterz supergroup to drop a special 12″ for this year’s Record Store Day shenanigans. ‘Day And Night’ is being released under the name TQD in a limited run of 500 copies – you can’t hear it yet, so rush to your reliable local record dealer on April 18 to try and snare one. The suitably cold-blooded artwork can be seen above.

Meanwhile, Royal-T’s got an EP of his own coming on Butterz on April 18, hooking up with P Money for some OTT grime chaos on the four-track Shotta.

“While the charts and radio are currently flooded with soft organs and silky vocals, I want to remind everyone of the other side of the spectrum with gunshots and harsh violins,” says the producer and former FACT mixer. “Hearing Wiley’s ‘Eskimo’ for the first time in my early teens confused me. How could something with this groove… make me feel so cold and dark at the same time? That is the same feeling I wanted to carry with ‘Glacier’. ‘Limbo’ has a familiar skeleton in its 4×4 drum pattern but on top carries a melancholic feel.”

Hear a preview of the EP’s title track below and hear samples over at Red Eye Records.

Shotta tracklist:

A1 Shotta Feat P Money
A2 Shotta
B1 Limbo
B2 Glacier (Angel Mix)



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