Say hello to quite possibly the best promo we’ve ever been sent at FACT.

Eclectic Method is a producer who works with audio and video. He’s based in Barcelona and his renowned remixes, which often focus on re-imagining pop culture, have appeared on The Colbert Report and CNN. He’s also performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with Chuck D, Questlove and Clyde Stubblefield.

Turns out he’s a big fan of Against the Clock, the series on FACT TV where we give an artist 10 minutes to show us what they can do in their studio, whether that’s building a beat from scratch on a laptop or a hardware-driven live jam. He hit us up this week with a new piece that samples every single Against the Clock episode – drum loops, one-hits, introductory mumbles, the lot – and makes it into a fully-composed track.

We were honoured and amazed, so we had a little chat with him about the project. You can watch the video above, and find out more about Eclectic Method here.

Tell us a little bit about what you do, in terms of music and visuals?

I make music out of video. I make music as well but I try to make it 100% about video music, so almost everything you hear you see. I take from movies, TV, music videos and all media and also I do a live show where I DJ and perform video music.

Why did you decide to do this Against the Clock track/film?

I love Against The Clock. In all the episodes people play their tracks but there are also amazing snippets of them jamming on a keyboard or recording one sound without backing music and I wanted to try making a piece out of all those little bits.

What is it about the series that appeals to you?

I’m a studio geek so the thing that appeals to me is seeing what different people’s studios look like. The studios vary from one laptop and a mouse to racks of analogue synths and effects. I find both kinds totally fascinating, it’s great to see people jam out live on old gear but I also love seeing how various people use Ableton. Also stuff like DJ Gregory’s MPC beat building on the fly makes for great video music.

What was the hardest thing about making the vid?

Getting the best riffs out of the video. The series is full of amazing music but only a few bits in each video where the producers play a sound on its own. Compiling lots of complete songs together would get messy and not every great riff was interesting to watch, some of it is just people clicking a mouse. The remix is made 100% from Against the Clock episodes, there’s a little added reverb and i filtered out some high/low end in parts but nothing has been added.

If you had a gun to your head and forced to choose, what would be your favourite episode?

Wow, clean my brains up off the floor would you? Only joking, it was Fracture! Loved that added element of record shopping a the beginning.

Tell us about the stuff you have coming up.

I am playing here in Barcelona on March 21, then 28th March i’m doing a film remix set at Flatpack Film Festival in Birmingham. I’m also working on a remix of A Clockwork Orange with DJ Woody and a project I can’t say anything about yet because I signed an NDA. I try to put out a new video mix every two weeks because I’m totally addicted.



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