But a fan claims the image was stolen from him.

Morrissey has just kicked off a UK tour in support of World Peace Is None Of Your Business,  and to mark the occasion he’s got a brand new bit of merch on offer – witness this T-shirt featuring a naked Moz silencing his old nemesis the Queen of England with the words to his 1994 single, “The more you ignore me the closer I get”.

However, a user of the fan site morrissey-solo.com has claimed that he created the photo montage (using a real photo from a 2009 shoot) and was contacted someone form by merch company Merchandising For Life asking if Morrissey could use it.

“I told him that I spent a long time on it and that I had put my heart and soul into that photo, just like I do my other work and that I would be willing to let them use it, but to give me an offer,” wrote the fan, who goes by “Reggie Kray” on the forum. “I wasn’t thinking anything ridiculous, but he never got back to me.”

However, while Kray created the original montage (which you can see below), he doesn’t own the rights to the original photos, so it’s not clear if Morrissey would need his permission to use it. The T-shirt is currently available online and on Morrissey’s UK tour.

In other recent Moz japes, he’s slammed the Brits, praised a matador-killing bull and walked out of a Polish gig following “chauvinistic abuse”. [via Stereogum; Gigwise]





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