Terius Nash is more accustomed to being ripped off than the Gaye family, apparently.

In an interview with Complex, R&B hitmaker The-Dream weighed in on what the record-breaking ‘Blurred Lines’ verdict means for music.

Nash claims to have not heard the similarity between ‘Blurred Lines’ and Gaye’s ‘Got To Give It Up’ until he heard them played side-by-side, but he wasn’t surprised. “If you’re talking about how similar something is, not talking about things I’ve written, but I hear things [like that] all the time,” raising the point that “there’s nothing new under the sun.”

Asked if he would consider legal action if he was copied in the same way, he said, “I would literally have to go to court every week then, because something sounds like something I did all the time,” acknowledging not just his influence on R&B but also the fact that “we’re in the age of things sounding like something else.”

Watch the interview in full below. The first of his Crown / Jewel EPs is due out on March 31.



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