The best voice on the radio gets a permanent slot on the Beeb.

Iggy Pop will return to BBC 6 Music for a regular Friday night show starting in April. The Stooges frontman spent most of 2014 expertly covering for Jarvis Cocker on Sunday afternoons while the Pulp singer busied himself elsewhere, and built up a huge following on the digital station with his eclectic musical picks and grizzled anecdotes from a long and storied career in rock and roll.

“Having sat in for Jarvis Cocker last year on BBC Radio 6 Music, I found myself realising how good it was for me. I hope it was good for somebody else too,” said Iggy, who thinks of himself as an “atmospheric bartender”.

“It’s kind of an edgy point right at the end of the designated work week, and I’ll try to play quite a bit of music that’s new and stimulating mixed with very old classics from the blues and jazz masters of the 1920s through 50s that are a little more moody. I’m gonna think of myself as a kind of atmospheric bartender. I’ll try to do my very best.”

The show starts on Friday, April 10, from 7pm to 9pm BST, bumping Tom Ravenscroft’s show back to 9pm. Last year Iggy also delivered the fourth John Peel Lecture with a speech on the subject of “free music in a capitalist society”.



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