Five out-of-print LPs from the German trailblazers will be reissued in the coming months.

Earlier this month it was revealed that Popol Vuh’s score for Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu would be receiving a “definitive” vinyl reissue thanks to Wah Wah. As it turns out, that reissue is part of a larger campaign that will provide fresh pressings of a number of out-of-print albums from the kosmische icons.

Along with Nosferatu, Popol Vuh’s scores for two other Herzog masterpieces have been picked out for reissues. 1975’s Aguirre (containing music from 1972’s Aguirre, the Wrath of God) and 1977’s Herz aus Glas (containing songs from the 1976 film also called Heart of Glass) are set for new pressings. Herz aus Glas features the German title and artwork. Half of the copies, however, will come with its French title and artwork as Coeur de Verre.

Two more Popol Vuh LPs from the 1970s are also set for reissues: 1975 album Das Hohelied Salomos and 1976’s Letzte Tage, with Letzte Nächte will be repressed in the coming months. According to UK retailer Norman Records, the reissues will be available on August 3.

For an introduction into the works of Popol Vuh, check FACT’s Essential Guide. [via Exclaim]



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