Prolific DJ Oscar Mulero precedes his LP with an EP of remixes and original tracks.

Next month Spanish techno producer Oscar Mulero will release his new album Muscle And Mind. It’s a record that, true to its title, explores two sides of his sound, alternatively aiming for the body and the head. Before that, Mulero will release Dualistic Concept, an EP that pairs so neatly with his album that it’s actually included on a second disc when you get it.

The 30-minute release includes an original track, ‘Stimulated Reflex’, followed by a series of remixes from SHXCXCHCXSH, Stanislav Tolkachev, and Mulero himself. Stream the full EP below and find out what Mulero has to say about his new releases.

From the title to the track names, this release seems fascinated by the relationship between the mind and the body. What is it about that relationship that has inspired you?

Dealing with this duality from the point of view of music is very appealing to me. The concept matches the diversity of the tracks in the record quite well. Some are more muscular or physical and dance floor-oriented tracks, like ‘Mentally Induced Action’ or ‘Mindful Body’, whereas others are more mental and for the listening, such as ‘201 Element’ or ‘Mental Causation’.

Have your thoughts on that relationship grown or changed over the years?

Yes, they have definitely grown. And over the years I’ve become more conscious about that relationship.

SHXCXCHCXSH and Stanislav Tolkachev have remixed tracks on the EP, what about them made you want them to remix your work?

The reason why I wanted them to collaborate on this record is that their music also fits with the dichotomy of body and mind. Following that idea, Stanislav’s remix would blend quite well with the more physical and dance floor-oriented side, and the one by SHXCXCHCXSH with the mind part of the concept.



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