The alleged multiple murderer was accidentally confused for the frontman of Limp Bizkit in one report by the Associated Press.

This week real estate heir Robert Durst was arrested for multiple murders stretching back decades. In the ensuing media storm that was catalyzed by his accidentally recorded confession on the HBO series The Jinx, one item sent to the AP confused the names and misidentified the individual as Fred Durst of ’90s nu-metal band Limp Bizkit. The report, which was unpublished but surfaced on the internet, went so far as specifically identifying the arrested man as the “former Limp Bizkit frontman” as you can see in the transcript below, courtesy of The AV Club.

A Louisiana State Police trooper says millionaire Robert Durst has been booked on weapons charges in that state — on top of a first-degree murder charge lodged by Los Angeles authorities. Trooper Melissa Matey told the Associated Press that an arrest warrant was issued for the former Limp Bizkit frontman and he was rebooked in the Orleans Parish Jail on Monday under two new charges.

Aside from the name mix-up, the AP mistakenly described Durst as the former frontman of Limp Bizkit. The band is in fact still running with Durst at the helm and their new album, tentatively titled Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, is due this year.

This confirms that nu-metal Durst has not been arrested for multiple murders. However, the mix-up does not apply to his 1999 arrest for attempting to kick a security guard. That was definitely him.



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