You’ve got less than 24 hours to download Soulection’s entire discography.

Los Angeles collective Soulection is celebrating reaching 200,000 followers on SoundCloud by giving away their entire back catalogue for free. Born out of the ashes of the late ’00s LA beat scene, the label, artist collective and radio show was launched in 2011 by by Joe Kay, visual artist Guillaume Bonte and motion designer Andre Power.

Soulection has developed a reputation as a melting pot of styles and influences. Whilst it remains firmly grounded within the reals of hip hop, the label also weaves elements of soul and dance music into its diverse output. Since its establishment, the label has released music from North America, South America, Europe and Australia.

Along with its entire back catalogue, Soulection has also today shared a collection of Sade remixes entitled Love Is King. The package contains 12 Sade reworks from different members of the Soulection family, including Esta and Lakim.

Visit Soulection’s website to download the discography.



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