The Abbey Road Institute will open this spring, with more locations to come worldwide.

Decades after The Beatles made Abbey Road the stuff of legend, the studio remains a powerhouse of production and engineering, used by an array of artists from Radiohead to Lady Gaga to Elliot Smith to Scott Walker. The studio has now launched Abbey Road Institute, which will offer year long programmess to earn an advanced diploma in music production and sound engineering, the Guardian reports.

The school says it will offer a course taught by recognized producers and experts along with lectures from engineers from the studio. The next open house will take place May 16, and this September the institute will also open branches in Berlin, Melbourne, Sydney, and Munich with more locations to come. Students from all branches will be able to visit and use the main studio in London.

“Abbey Road’s continued success is largely due to its staff and their knowledge. Now we will be able to share some of this expertise in a course which will provide first-class vocational training for people interested in forging a career in the music industry,” said Luca Barassi, the sound engineer who will head the institute’s London location.

Head to the Abbey Road Studios website for more information on how to apply to any of the schools.



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