This new sequencer has us puzzled.

Swedish music producer and inventor Hakan Libdo has built a new electronic sequencer out of Rubik’s Cubes. A camera mounted above a 4×4 grid of customised cubes detects each square of colour and translates it into a musical note.

With Libdo’s invention, composing music becomes a puzzle. It is the player’s job to solve the puzzle in a way that results in beautiful music. White represents drums, green is bass, orange is percussion, red is synth 1, yellow is synth 2, blue is synth 3. The player must scramble the cubes in real time to keep the music moving.

“Most of today’s electronic music tools have a low learning curve,” says Libdo. “But the Cube Sequencer is not easy. Just like learning how to play the violin or chess—or to solve the Rubik’s Cube, this takes time to master. What is the difference between playing a game and playing music? And who is the winner?”

You can watch the Cube Sequencer in action below. [via The Creators Project]



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