The synth-pop icon has teamed up with boutique company Analogue Solutions on the Clarke range.

Having founded some of the most iconic electronic acts of all time, including Erasure, Depeche Mode and Yazoo, you wouldn’t think there would be much left for Vince Clarke to do in electronic music. He’s proved us all wrong however, by getting into the growing modular synth business.

With the assistance of boutique UK synth manufacturer Analogue Solutions, Clarke has developed his own range of modules based on the popular Eurorack format. The first product to come from Clarke’s mind is Auto Tune, designed to offer an easy solution to the problems of tuning and scaling vintage synthesisers and modern VCO Eurorack modules. Consisting of a master module which can control up to 16 slave modules, the Digital Automatic Audio Gain Control Circuitry (DAGCC) means the unit can be connected to most synthesiser outputs.

“For those of you who work with synthesisers using CV and Gate, you will all be aware of the problems of calibration,” says Clarke in a press release. “Having tried many a cumbersome software-based package over the years, I wondered if there might be a neater solution — a kind of all-in-one MIDI-to-CV convertor with auto-calibration.”

Both the VCM20 master module and VCM 20 slave modules are available now from the Analogue Solutions store at a price of £189 each. Future modular projects from Clarke will include The Imaginator, “a quasi autonomous permutational music making device”, but in the meantime you can check out Auto Tune in the video below. [via RA]

Vince Clarke has designed his own range of synth modules




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