There’s absolutely no escaping that hat.

For one day only, Pharrell Williams has invaded browsers worldwide, his trademark silhouette appearing in Google Maps and Hangouts whether you like it or not.

It’s been done to mark the International Day of Happiness, a celebration conceived by the United Nations in 2012. In order to raise awareness of the day, the UN recently announced it was recruiting Pharrell as a global happiness ambassador on the strength of his international megahit ‘Happy’.

The main part of Pharrell’s involvement is to lead a “global happiness party”, encouraging people to upload GIFs of themselves to create a new music video for ‘Happy’. However, as The Next Web has pointed out, eagle-eyed fans have spotted Pharrell’s image in other places across the internet.

If you load up Google Maps, you’ll notice that the standard Street View icon that you drag from the bottom right-hand corner has been replaced with a cartoon image of Pharrell.

If enter Google Hangouts and type in “International Day of Happiness”, then you’ll see a dancing Pharrell moving across the chat window.

In case you’re wondering how we definitely know it’s Pharrell, it’s because he’s wearing a hat that famously cost the Arby’s restaurant chain $44,000. If you see Pharrell popping up anywhere else unexpected today, let us know.



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