Veronica Vasicka’s label returns to the subjects of its first reissue.

Minimal Wave’s next release will be a remastered double album of archival material from ’80s minimal electronic duo Oppenheimer Analysis.

Formed in 1982 in London by Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd, the duo were fans of early synthesiser bands like The Human League and Soft Cell. They also explored their interest in old science fiction movies, the politics and aesthetics of the Cold War and the social impact of the atomic bomb through their music, which was largely released on a cassettes sold at gigs and via mail order.

Oppenheimer Analysis were the subjects of the Minimal Wave label’s first archival release, 2005’s self-titled EP, which collected four tracks from New Mexico, the duo’s first demo tape. To celebrate the label’s 10th anniversary, Minimal Wave has announced it will be reissuing New Mexico in its entirety, remastered and pressed to vinyl for the first time.

New Mexico will be released on May 16. Until then you can stream opening track ‘The Devil’s Dancers’ below, and revisit Veronica Vasicka’s list of the 20 best Minimal Wave records ever made.


01 The Devil’s Dancers
02 Radiance
03 Martyr
04 Cold War
05 Don’t Be Seen With Me
06 Modern Wonder
07 Subterranean Desires
08 Scorpions
09 New Mexico
10 Behind The Shades
11 Men In White Coats
12 You Won’t Forget Me



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