The producer provides update on new album with a unique proposition.

It has been four years since Alec Koone released Wander/Wonder, his debut album as Balam Acab, but he’s gradually hinted at a new album in the works. Recently the producer took to Facebook to offer fans a unique opportunity. One of the defining features of Balam Acab’s sound is in the ghostly voices littered throughout, vocals that are often manipulated beyond recognition to reach the maximum emotional impact. Now Koone has made an open offer to anyone who would like to submit vocals to potentially be sampled for the new Balam Acab record. The full message can be read below:

“Since i’m working on a new release i’ve thought up this (possibly fun) idea: if you’d like to donate any recordings of your own vocals for potential sampling on the release, please send them to – does not matter who you are, how good the sound quality of the recordings are, how long the material is, etc….thank u!”

No word yet as to when the album will come, but this is certainly a good reason to get excited for it. Stream Balam Acab’s debut below and read out review for it here.