The Scottish maximalist jumps behind the drums on his latest EP.

Next month, Lockah will return with his first new material since his 2014 debut album Yahoo Or The Highway. The five-track EP, entitled And Blue Brindle Too, adds live drums (by Lockah himself) and guitar (by Samuel Organ aka Mount Bank), for a decidedly throwback take on electronic pop.

“The EP’s supposed to play like a lost 80s pop group record,” he writes. “I wanted to use the title to namecheck ‘Blue Brindle’, an imaginary studio ensemble that’s supposed to conjure up the image of a protégé group, like Rick James’ Mary-Jane Girls or Prince’s Vanity 6.”

Along with live drums and guitar, the EP relied on “a whole host of classic synths from Minimoogs to Roland Junos,” and was inspired by Kraftwerk, Prince and Egyptian Lover tracks. ‘Barcelona Drums’ — which you can stream below — was “built around an iPhone recording of street drumming kids in Catalan last Summer” and sounds like climactic ’80s soundtrack fare to us.

And Blue Brindle Too is due out on April 27 via Donky Pitch. The tracklist and Lockah’s tour dates follow.

01 Barcelona Drums
02 When Were You In 82’, When Heate Legend Dies?
03 You’ll Suckers Don’t Even Cut Corn
04 Canada Gifts
05 Barcelona Linn Reprise

April 03 Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store w/ Slugabed & Activia Benz crew
April 04 Innsbruck, Austria @ Club Aftershave
April 11 Adelaide, Australia @ Ancient World
April 23 Melbourne, Australia @ The Lounge, Donky Pitch showcase w/ Ghost Mutt & Grinel
April 26 Perth, Australia @ The Good Shepherd w/ Grinel



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