Rawax helms series devoted to Roland sounds.

Robert Drewek, the owner of Frankfurt label Rawax, has teamed up with Miho Ichikawa to launch a new EP series dedicated to music made on Roland AIRA equipment. The Japanese manufacturer launched its AIRA line last year in an effort to revive the sounds of classic machines like the TR-808 and TB-303, and has since expanded its range to include additional models such as the TR-707.

The first entry in the AIRA EP series features the inimitable Ricardo Villalobos on the A-side. His track, ‘Rabbit Over’, was created using the TR-8, TB-3 and VT-3 devices. Oskar Szafraniec dons his Oscar Burnside alias on the flip side, with his offering, ‘Vitality’, made using the TR-8, VT-3, System-1 and SBX-1. Burnside’s entry also features the vocals of Infinite Livez.

Ron Trent and Fred P will provide their own entries into the series, however details of those releases are yet to surface.

AIRA Series Vol. 1 will be released on April 27 via Rawax. [via RA]


A Ricardo Villalobos – Rabbit Over
B Oskar Szafraniec feat. Infinite Livez – Vitality



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