The latest update in the on-going story.

Earlier this year, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) announced plans to enact a global release date in an effort to curb piracy.

Music Week reports that the first day that the new policy will come into effect will by July 10. In addition, it was announced last week the Official Chart on Radio 1 will move to Fridays in July.

The move will bring the US and UK in line with Australia and Germany, and has been welcomed by some retailers, artists and distributors. It has not been without its critics, which include independent labels and merchants, as well as US retailer Target.

“If a global chart reigns supreme, development artists and local artists will have to get used to hearing the voice of America, everywhere. Big money, big global campaigns, will dominate,” said PIAS co-founder Michel Lambot in a blog post. “This can only help the blockbusters become even bigger, for a longer period of time, in more markets.”



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