If you can tear yourself away from Bloodborne, you can now stream music though your Sony console.

PlayStation Music – the previously announced partnership between Sony and Spotify for PS3 and PS4 consoles – has gone live in 41 countries.

The service allows users to stream all of Spotify’s catalogue from the console as you would expect, as well as letting users stream their own music into a game itself.

According to The Next Web, the PlayStation Music app features an in-game settings menu to change the volume of music coming from Spotify, allowing you to balance the music-to-video-game sound ratio without having to go back to the home screen. You can also skip or pause songs without leaving the game.

PlayStation Music also allows you to pair an iOS or Android device with your PlayStation console and control music via Spotify Connect. This means you can connect a device to the console to easily adjust music in social settings, although this feature requires a Premium Spotify account.

PlayStation Music is now live in 41 countries, but Sony’s hasn’t detailed which markets have been left out of the initial launch. The company has blamed technology complications on those that are missing out, but promises it is working on bringing the service to all 58 markets Spotify operates in.

Like Spotify, the service comes in both subscription and ad-supported free flavours. Also available for users of Sony’s Xperia devices, the new service replaces Sony’s previous streaming offering, Music Unlimited – the company will offer a free month of PlayStation Music to subscribers of the previous service.




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