In addition to Mario, the music criticism series will also release books on Devo’s Freedom of Choice and The Dead Kennedys’ Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables at the same time.

33 1/3 is a running series where one music critic dedicates a book’s worth of words to a single album. The next run of books is due this May and will deliver a first in the series: A book dedicated solely to the score of a video game. It’s not just any videogame either.

Writer and composer Andrew Schartmann will write an entire book dedicated Koji Kondo’s groundbreaking original score to Super Mario Bros. It’s a fascinating challenge and not just because it’s the series’ first stab at a long form analysis of video game music, but because Kondo’s groundbreaking score only amounted to a couple minutes of music.

The books will be available May 21st via Bloomsbury, find more info on 33 1/3’s website. Revisit Kondo’s the musical world of Super Mario Bros. below.



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