Police are seeking to shut down the Arches nightclub after a women was found unconscious in the Glasgow venue at the weekend.

The club wrapped up early on Saturday night and an emergency closure order was served by Police Scotland. A total of 26 drug and alcohol-related incidents were recorded by police at or around the club on the GBX night.

Glasgow City Council’s licensing board is holding an emergency meeting today (March 31) to consider a permanent closure order. The decision will depend on whether the licensing board believes the Arches could have done anything within reason to prevent the woman’s collapse and other alleged offences.

Superintendent Alan Murray, who heads up the greater Glasgow licensing department said: “We have responded following a number of concerning incidents over the past two weeks and I am entirely satisfied that the closure was necessary and proportionate to protect the mainly young revellers who attend this venue.”

Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland, area commander for Glasgow city centre, said: “I am committed to ensuring the safety of those who socialise within Glasgow city centre and this closure was absolutely necessary to achieve this.

“Glasgow City Police recorded 26 offences for drug and alcohol-related incidents at or outside this venue on Saturday night which is completely unacceptable. I am keen for young people to enjoy the city but please do not use drugs of any kind and drink responsibly.”

A statement posted on the Arches’ website on Tuesday said: “Having worked in increased partnership with Police Scotland and done all that has been asked to further mitigate risk at club events since the tragic events of February 2014, the Arches is disappointed to be summoned to tomorrow’s Licensing Board hearing.

“However, we remain wholly committed to the health and safety of our customers and are fully prepared to consider any further recommendations that the hearing may bring.”

On Sunday the club stated that the woman was “admitted to hospital as a result of an alcohol related episode” and subsequently released. “We would like to clarify that our robust zero tolerance policy, including all additional measures recently agreed with Police Scotland, were in force on the night,” the venue added. [via BBC News; Evening Times; H/T Lauren Martin]



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