The Queens-based producer and singer crafts an airtight set of songs on her EP.

Negative Gemini is Lindsey French. Formerly based out of Richmond, VA, French relocated to Ridgewood, Queens last year. The move feels like good timing now that she’s dropped Real Virtual Unison, an excellent new EP that picks up where her debut full length Forget Your Future left off two years ago.

Although less than half the length of that debut, this EP hits with more than twice the impact, finding Negative Gemini breaking up genre tropes only to filter them through her unique vision. It’s that vision, in terms of production, that is even stronger while her singing constantly surprises from the self-sampled vocals on the title track to the effervescent, untouched R&B performance on ‘Hold U’. So it’s not a debut, but it makes for an excellent introduction.

Listen to Real Virtual Unison below and grab it for any price via Negative Gemini’s Bandcamp (or order it on vinyl via Human Records or cassette via Plastic Response)



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