The UK company unveils a new analog mixer for DJs of all ability.

April Fools Day is usually an opportunity for companies to launch an array of fake products masking as thinly veiled marketing opportunities, but there’s no way Allen & Heath’s new DJ mixer is going to be mistaken for a gag.

Featuring pretty much no bells and whistles, and described in a press release as “designed for DJs of all abilities and experience,” the Xone:43 is the latest addition to the UK company’s Xone series. Unlike its digital counterparts the DB2 and DB4 however, the Xone:43 is analog, which might appeal to purists who can’t afford a Bozak but don’t want a Pioneer.

As well as four channels and three-band EQ, the mixer also comes with the voltage-controlled filter you’ll find on the company’s highly regarded Xone:92. It also features a system called X:FX, which allows you to plug in external effects units and control them with a knob on each channel.

The mixer is available now at a suggested price of €899 – you can check it out in the video below.



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