The Glasgow venue lives to fight another day.

Glasgow’s Arches has been given a stay of execution after Police Scotland made an attempt to have the venue’s license revoked yesterday.

According to Herald Scotland, Glasgow licensing chiefs ruled the police’s use of an emergency closure order unlawful, as there was no violent disorder involved in its complaint against the venue. The venue’s lawyers also managed to successfully argue that the police had attempted to use legislation usually applied when they had intelligence of disorder at pubs frequented by football casuals to try and have the venue’s license revoked, which didn’t apply in this case.

Police Scotland originally took action against the Arches after a woman was found unconscious in the Glasgow venue at the weekend. The club was shut early on Saturday and an emergency closure order served, by the police, who recorded a total of 26 drug and alcohol-related incidents on the night.

However, the Arches’ lawyer Robert Skinner said that most of the 15 reported drug offences on the night were the result of searches by door stewards, and the 11 alcohol offences came from police searches conducted in the street after revellers had been moved out of the venue by the force. Police Scotland however maintained the levels of drunkenness meant there was threat of disorder, arguing that the presence of an unconscious woman meant its response had been proportionate.

The Arches has faced closer police scrutiny since last year, when the venue announced it was raising its minimum age for admission to 21 after the suspected drug-related death of a teenage girl who fell ill at the club. The threat of closure still looms for the club however – a further review of the club’s licence is expected to take place over the next few weeks.



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