The Chicago newcomer continues to collaborate, with excellent results.

When we last wrote about Kywo (aka Kyle Woods), he had linked up with Keiya and JODY’s Khallee for ‘Runaway’, an ’80s-flavored duet. Now, he’s pushed his lush, electronic production style in new directions, nodding to jungle, R&B and hip-hop on his Pearl EP.

“My main goal with Pearl was to create an EP connected by a cohesive sound rather than a specific genre,” he writes via email. “My vision was to pull elements from music styles I love and produce a diverse collection of songs that were all connected by the same sonic thread.”

He continues: “Collaboration has played a major role in my music so I knew that in order to achieve this goal I’d need to get some friends involved.” True to his word, Keiya is once again in the fold, as are fellow Chicagoans ShowYouSuck, Kalo and Idyll, along with vocalists Shallou and Marcus Alan Ward.

Stream the Pearl EP below. For more in this vein, check out Keiya’s stunning debut EP.



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