Integrate your DIY synth with the rest of your audio set-up.

littleBits’ modular synth kit was first launched back in 2013 in partnership with Korg. The kit lets you snap together different components of a synthesizer to form a small, DIY modular instrument. littleBits has today expanded its capabilities by adding three new modules to its range.

MIDI I/O, USB I/O, and CV (control voltage) modules are now available for the first time, giving the user much more flexibility when integrating the device into the rest of their set-up. The new MIDI I/O and USB I/O modules allow you to send and receive signals to or a compatible external component of your choosing, such as a MIDI keyboard or computer. The CV module is designed to connect the synth kit to older components with larger voltage, meaning you are now able to connect your DIY synth kit with a full-sized modular rig.

The littleBits synth kit ships with most of the standard elements of a real synth including oscillators, filters, a keyboard and a sampler. Previously, the only way to access the sounds was through a headphone jack.

The littleBits synth kit will set you back $US160. The MIDI and CV modules will each retail for $US35 whilst the MIDI module will cost $US40. [via Gizmodo]



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