So we’re still waiting on that DOOM and Ghostface album (not to mention Madvillain 2), but this should more than tide us over: DOOM and Flying Lotus have announced a joint album.

Titled Mask of the North Star, the record will arrive on May 5 through Lex, DOOM’s regular home (and a once-offshoot of Warp, where Flying Lotus’s solo albums dwell).

Judging from the cover, it’s as inspired by comic books and cartoons as you’d expect a DOOM/FlyLo collab to be, while the guest appearances won’t surprise fans of either act too much: Madlib’s Quasimoto alias crops on on the nattily-titled ‘Memories of Green’, El-P and Thom Yorke appear on ‘Police State’, and Thundercat plays a key role in the record, as he did on FlyLo’s You’re Dead! One big coup though: Carlos Santana, who collaborated with FlyLo’s aunt Alice Coltrane on 1974 album Illuminations, contributes guitar to ‘Myztik Meg’.

Update: Shock, horror – this was an April Fool’s joke, as most of you figured out (not all of you though, eh?). Carlos Santana isn’t contributing to any songs about TV psychics and ‘Baloney’ was, well, baloney. At least for now, anyway… we all remember what happened last year.

01. Mask of the North Star (ft. Thundercat)
02. Stink Noze
03. Thermite and Ice
04. Memories of Green (ft. Quasimoto)
05. Orion’s Belt (ft. Thundercat)
06. Singularity (ft. Jneiro Jarel)
07. Exiled
08. Xenon Gas Mask (ft. Thundercat)
09. Stubble
10. Sloppy Giuseppe
11. Myztik Meg (ft. Thundercat & Carlos Santana)
12. Police State (ft. El-P & Thom Yorke)
13. Northern Lights
14. Crown Jewels
15. The Color Saturn (ft. Thundercat & Gonjasufi)
16. Masquatch (ft. Thundercat & Thundercat)
17. Baloney

DOOM Flying Lotus Album Square


[DOOM mask via 86era]

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