Web-based artist shares animated clip of video game-inspired nightclub.

Los Angeles artist LaTurbo Avedon first created virtual Club Rothko back in 2012 after spending a significant amount of time inside Mass Effect 2’s Afterlife nightclub.

Avedon has returned to her virtual nightclub after an almost three-year absence, releasing a brand new video that has been screening since last weekend at the CICA Museum in Czong, Korea. New video Save 02 finds the digital artist’s avatar moving about the cathedralesque nightclub space filled with light projections and producing music on Ableton Live.

“It started as a bit of an alternative use for one of the many nightclubs in Second Life, but I grew really attached to the pairing of my sculptures with the neon lights and Rothko wallpapers inside,” LaTurbo told The Creators Project. “There’s something really endearing about how Mark Rothko’s paintings ended up as wallpaper in a nightclub. Its a strange intersection that really plays well with how I make my work,” she added.

“I had been wanting to connect the various versions of my avatar identity, and Club Rothko seemed like a very fitting place for this to happen,” Avedon explained.“I created projections of my Second Life appearance that could interact with my more current mesh model. It was an opportunity for me to measure the ways I have become more realized and capable inside of different software.”

“At a certain point there are restrictions on what you can do in virtual (and online) environments, edges of where games are intended to go or not,” she concludes. “When I am building in my own software those edges disappear, and I am able to render anything I am looking for.”

You can watch Club Rothko – Save 02 below. [via The Creators Project]



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