On April 6, Champion‘s Formula Records will mark its first few years with its first compilation, f=BASS2.

If you’ve been following Formula since ‘Lighter’, its debut release in 2011, then you’ll know what to expect: music that draws from UK Funky, bassline house, jungle and garage and never keeps less than one eye on the dancefloor (spoiler: it’s usually both).

Champion is all over the comp, remixing Flava D’s ‘Home’, collaborating with AC Slater on ‘Game of Horns’ and dropping a trio of originals, ‘Cannon’, ‘Iced Tea’ and ‘Crazy’. Mickey Pearce shows up to remixes Champion’s alter-ego Hayfever, Terror Danjah shows off his grime rolodex, collaborating with President T, 9 Milli Major, Badness, Zed Bias, Olivia Louise, Hitman Hyper and Meridian Dan, and Flava D returns the ‘Home’ favour, remixing Champion and Princess Nyah’s ‘Sensitivity’. There’s also music from Killjoy, Hybrid Theory and a VIP mix of Flava D’s mighty ‘In the Dance’.

We’re streaming the full compliation below; for pre-orders and more info head to Formula Records’ website.



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