The Posture co-founder strikes out on his own.

As part of Supreme Cuts, Mike Perry explores the limits of post-everything electronic music and delivered one of FACT’s favorite albums of 2014 with the vocal-heavy Divine Ecstasy LP.

With his new solo project, Scout, Perry has tried to change the mood of his music. “I feel like Scout is probably a little more Aguirre, the Wrath of God while Supreme Cuts are a little more like Fitzcarraldo,” he explains via email. “I wanted the EP to have a sense of urgency and force.”

He has also turned his attention from synths to samplers. “I was getting pretty bored of working on tracks with just synths or recorded instruments or whatever,” he writes. “I have always been a little weary of sampling, ever since we got hit with a cease and desist from a famous prog rock bro for using a loop of his song, but I feel like I couldn’t make this music any other way.”

“I am putting this out for free in fear partially that if I were to sell it, I would get hit with various lawsuits or whatever,” he continues. “I understand this, but I also think it’s mad shitty that I can’t make the record I fully want to because of it. I’ll pretty much keep working with samples until they catch me.”

For a sense of Scout’s Two Tons of Turquoise, listen to the scintillating ‘Moment To Moment’ and the pneumatic title track below. The EP is due out on April 21 via label-to-watch Posture.



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