Dean Blunt has unveiled a rare remix.

The Rough Trade signee has made a “sour mix” of ‘I Forgive You’ by OOFJ, the musical project of Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer. The Danish-South African couple, who are now based in LA, met while Bjørnkjær was working on music for Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, which hints at the moody glamour they’ve been channelling in their music to date.

As for the remix, Blunt has pretty much made the track sound like an outtake from last year’s Black Metal, with fingerpicked guitar lines churning round Mills-Rymer’s wispy, childlike voice. The prettiness is sabotaged halfway through with a waterfall of white noise, while in the final moments Blunt reaches for the symphonic strings – it’s not your average remix.

OOFJ release their second album Acute Feast on April 21 via Ring The Alarm/Fake Diamond, and they’re currently scoring rebel artist Ai Wei Wei’s contribution to Berlin, I Love You, a vignette film that follows 2006’s Paris, je t’aime.



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