The classic instrument follows in the footsteps of recent reissues from Korg and Roland.

Italian company Generalmusic has confirmed it will be reissuing the classic Elka Synthex synthesizer along with instruments from its GEM and LEM brands later this year.

Rumours of the reissue first slipped out at this year’s NAMM show, but now a website has been launched confirming the product. There are no firm details on the reissued synth as yet, but the site confirms that it will be made with “selected original vintage parts”.

The Elka Synthex was originally released in 1981, and was a rare European polyphonic synthesizer in a market dominated by American models from Moog and Sequential Circuits. The synth was designed independently by an Italian called Mario Maggi, but due to financial reasons he teamed up with Elka to develop it, a company then known primarily for its electric organs.

Generalmusic filed for bankruptcy in 2011, but the company, along with the Elka, GEM and LEM brands are now owned by Soundion Oy Ltd, a company based in Finland where the Elka Synthex reissue is being manufactured.

If you want to be kept up to date, you can sign up to the mailing list at the Elka Synthex website. There’s no official video yet, but you can watch footage of a classic Elka Synthex below, and read our list of the 14 synthesizers that changed modern music. [via RA]



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