Platform pushes new update to its app to let users browse by genre and filter by location.

Bandcamp is launching a new feature this week that will let users of its mobile app browse by genre and filter content by format and location.

According to Andrew Jervis, Bandcamp’s Chief Curator, this update will “enable music fans to browse and discover music by genre, format (like vinyl or cassette), and to filter by location. So if you’re looking for indie music on cassette from Brooklyn, or electronic music on vinyl from London, you can do that on the app.” The Bandcamp app is available for both iOS and Android users.

In addition to this update, the distribution platform is launching a new series of curated City Guide releases, starting with Bay Area hotspot Oakland. The City Guides will include music from local artists selected by Jervis and be available to purchase on digital and physical formats.

Says the liner notes for the 11-track release: “For the launch of the Bandcamp City Guides, we are pleased to shine a light on a city that’s often made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Although long in the shadows of neighboring San Francisco, Oakland is a city embedded with a rich cultural history… For several years now, we’ve had our sights on Oakland and what we’ve continually observed is a rising tide of musicians as diverse and masterly as this magical metropolis’ musical forebears.”

Bandcamp’s Oakland City Guide includes new music from Bells Atlas, Raashan Ahmad and Sun Hop Fat among others. Another great way to discover Bandcamp music is our own monthly round up.



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