The group release their first new effort since returning to a duo.

Last year, Darkstar parted ways with singer James Buttery, getting back to their roots as an electronics-only duo.

After premiering collaborations with Zomby and Wild Beast’s frontman Hayden Thorpe, the Warp pair have released Kirklees Arcadia. The mixtape features not only those collaborations but a re-edit of the group’s ‘Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer’ and a remix of LFO’s ‘We Are Back’.

Kirklees Arcadia is a collection inspired by our frequent visits to West Yorkshire over the last 12 months in the process of realizing the third Darkstar record,” says the group in a statement (that album is reportedly due this year). Stream the mix below or download it for the price of an email.

Darkstar feat. Gwilym Gold – Waspz
Darkstar – Harmonic Emotion
Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer (Re-edit)
LFO – We Are Back (Darkstar Remix)
Darkstar feat Hayden Thorpe – Temporary Secretary
Darkstar – Earz
Darkstar feat. Gwilym Gold – Hartz
Darkstar – Nosferaweks
Darkstar & Zomby – Quandry



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