The show also included a guest mix from Lapalux.

Kendrick Lamar dropped into Radio 1 earlier this evening for an interview on Flying Lotus’ residency show. The pair discussed Lamar’s latest album To Pimp A Butterfly, with FlyLo labelling the LP a “future classic”. Lamar and Lotus dicussed the current state of hip hop and the importance of maintaining artistry over commercial profit.

“A lot of artists get to a point where we like to stay redundant and stay compromising what we do,” Lamar said. “Do what you’re heart tells you to do because the reward is that much better.”

“I encourage you the listener to always put your heart over a number or a dollar sign because your heart is going to lead you to the right places,” he continued. “I could have gone into any direction with this record. My heart told me to go with this direction. When the opportunity presents itself it’ll put you in a place you never imagine.”

Listen back to the show here or download it from Core News.

Update: Flying Lotus finished the broadcast by playing a previously unheard collaboration from the pair entitled ‘Eyes Above’. You can stream it below.



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