YAM Records are also holding an also ‘anti-RSD’ party together with Do!! You!!! and Rye Wax.

Peckham record shop YAM Records has elected to reject the official exclusives on this month’s Record Store Day, and instead focus on releases from local South London labels.

Taking the stance that “Every day is record store day,” the shop’s owners have said that they will be “focusing on the wealth of home-grown talent available in the area” and will be “digging deep” to highlight as much of the area’s labels’ back catalogue as possible.

YAM Records will also be hooking up with local shops Rye Wax and Do!! You!!! to throw what they describe as an “anti-RSD” party on April 18 at Peckham venue The NINES, where Ruf Dug will be selecting alongside a special guest.

Despite Record Store Day’s organisers claiming last year’s event was a resounding success, the shop’s decision follows a wave of criticism that Record Store Day is hurting small labels, and that much of the exclusives are major label reissues clogging up pressing plants worldwide. “It’s that one day of the year supposedly all about buying records,” said YAM Records in a Facebook post, “except the shops are too busy and the ‘special releases’ are astronomically priced.”

Together the three Peckham stores have spearheaded a vinyl renaissance for the South London area – last year FACT visited Do!! You!!! to find out more. [via The Vinyl Factory]




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