FACT fave Nick Edwards turns in a soupy blend of abstract electronics.

Rising to notoriety thanks to his popular (and now defunct) Gutterbreakz blog, Nick Edwards adopted the Ekoplekz moniker in the late-2000s, and since 2010 has released an inhuman amount of material for a variety of prestigious imprints.

Last year, he settled into the Planet Mu stable, dropping two full-lengths – Unfidelity and Four Track Mind – and this year he’s continued the winning streak with a phenomenal EP (Entropik) and a new album – entitled Reflekzionz – ready to drop on May 18.

Edwards’s FACT mix is an expectedly labyrinthine journey, dragging the listener through an expertly-selected set of dusty off-world electronics, mischievous low-end rumblings and hoarse electro from the likes of regular collaborators Mordant Music, Nochexxx and of course Edwards himself.


01. Ekoplekz – Outro: Entropy Symphony (Planet Mu)
02. Jonathan Meades – Pedigree Mongrel (excerpt)(Test Center)
03. Hacker Farm – Dead Beatz (unreleased)
04. Scarab – Procession Towards The Unknown (Mordant Music ReMMix)(Mental Groove)
05. IX Tab – I M Wh U Mk Ov M (Twiggwich)
06. Charles Hayward – Searchlight Tattoo (Samarbeta)
07. Kemper Norton – Ship Canal’s Remix For Gerard Winstanley (Front & Follow)
08. Laura Cannell – Song Of Repentance (Replekz) (Brawl)
09. Baron Mordant – East Hill (Cavendish Music)
10. Nochexxx – Last Club On Da Left (Type – forthcoming)
11. Dolly Dolly & Gloria Gloucestershire – Contak (unreleased)
12. Honey Bane – Violence Grew (rejected Replekz)
13. eMMplekz – Queer Vibe (Mordant Music)
14. Ekoplekz – Severn Beach (Wrangler Remix – exclusive)



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