The legendary rap weirdo readies a physical release.

Kool Keith dropped a trio of Total Orgasm albums back in 2013. Now, he’s curated the best of the digital-only releases for Total Orgasm: Deluxe Edition, a 3-CD boxset with a special extra: a Kool Keith-stamped condom.

The collection finds “Keith at his spaciest,” according to press materials, “far more than merely another amusing oddity in his ever-expanding canon.” As for the condom, what else would you expect for something called Total Orgasm that features tracks like ‘Fat Pussy’, ‘Balls Out’ and ‘Dick In Her Ass’?

Total Orgasm is due out May 12 on Junkadelic Music and can be pre-ordered now. For more on Kool Keith, read FACT’s Essential feature on “the most unpredictable, and for many operating in the genre’s experimental fringes, the most influential” rapper in the game. [via Exclaim]



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