The Wu Tang honcho’s second martial arts movie is out this week.

The Man With The Iron Fists 2 is the sequel to the 2012 kung fu homage that RZA wrote, directed and starred in alongside Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu. This time around, Roel Reiné is in the director’s chair while RZA reprises his role as The Blacksmith in a script co-written with John Jarrell.

RZA has again worked with composer Howard Drossin to create the soundtrack for the film, which also includes tracks by The Delfonics, Zack Hemsey and Thea Van Seijen.

The movie is heading straight to video this week, landing on Blu-ray and DVD on April 14, with the soundtrack out digitally the same day via Back Lot Music – check out audio clips below. [via Film Music Reporter]


1. The Golden Nectar
2. Reclaim Chi
3. How This Will End
4. Fight With Honor
5. Gaze on Your Boots
6. Hate This Hole
7. Take It Up With The Mayor
8. Fight Chu
9. Thaddeus Drifts In
10. Innocence
11. Thaddeus Flashback
12. Saved My Life
13. Enemies – The Delfonics
14. Another Dead Miner
15. Something for Tomorrow Night
16. Liberate Us
17. Kung Fights
18. Teachings Of A Ronin — Zack Hemsey
19. Reign of Terror
20. Baby Boy – Thea Van Seijen
21. We Fight
22. Kung Fights Ho
23. Stock and Chains
24. I’ll Make Your Weapons
25. You Will Be Mine
26. The Aftermath
27. Fight for You – Thea Van Seijen



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