The company promises 360 possible configurations.

Headphone manufacturer AIAIAI has announced that its popular line of TMA-1 headphones has evolved into the TMA-2 Modular, which lets you customise a set of cans to your own specification.

The system is fully modular, meaning the headband, drivers, earpads and cables are interchangeable. As well as meaning that you don’t have to replace your headphones completely if one part breaks, AIAIAI hope that the TMA-2 system will allow you to tailor a pair of headphones to different situations, be that studio work or listening to music on the move.

AIAIAI promise that 360 different combinations are possible, but you can also buy one of four starter “presets” if you want, including DJ, Studio, All-Round and Young Guru presets.

The TMA-2 Modular is available now, with presets starting at €145 for the All-Round model and going up to €260 for the Young Guru. If you fancy getting your hands dirty, there’s a configurator at the AIAIAI site to play with, or you can check them out in the video below. [via Engadget]




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