Qween Beat meets Club cheval.

French club producers Sam Tiba, Myd, Canblaster and Panteros666 have collaborated as Club cheval since the beginning of the decade. Later this month, they’ll release the From the Basement to The Roof EP.

The title track features the kind of slinky house vibes we’ve come to expect from Club cheval, and in advance of the EP, the group has enlisted MikeQ for a ballroom-remix ready. “We love ballroom. Everything about it. Its dances, its aesthetic, and its way of renewing itself at a fast pace these days. Also this is probably one of the most dancy styles out there,” the crew write via email.

They continue: “To us, MikeQ is the king of ballroom. We’ve been great fans of him and his Qween Beat crew for ages and he never disappoints.” For his part, the Qween Beat boss says he was “honored” to do the remix, which also features Byrell the Great. “We transformed an amazing tune into a dope, minimal but powerful vogue / house track.”

Stream MikeQ’s remix (and the original) below. From the Basement to The Roof is due out on April 27 via Bromance / Parlophone / Warner.



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