Dan Le Sac, the British producer of “vs Scroobius Pip” fame, has had a go at unravelling the numbers.

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow triggered another debate about paltry streaming payouts this week when he tweeted that he’d earned just £1700 from 34 million streams.

Writing for CMU, Dan Le Sac has done some back-of-the-envelope maths to see where the money has gone, showing how profit is whittled down by the streaming services, the label, the distributor and others, leaving Barrow with 0.074 pence per stream.

“For those streams, Mr Barrow saw less than 6.75% of the money he created, and the band saw less than a fifth of what they created,” writes Mr Le Sac. “For an industry that only has one product, the music that artists like Geoff Barrow create – and, to be fair, he does it better than most – does it seem right that the creators get such a tiny share? Ultimately, asking for your fair share isn’t greedy.”

See how he worked it out over at CMU.

FACT’s Chal Ravens recently spoke to Barrow and his composing buddy Ben Salisbury about their soundtrack for the ace sc-fi thriller Ex Machina.



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