The prolific rapper has been “dabbling in that Javascript.”

After releasing Basedmoji and vegEMOJI, Lil B has taken the next logical step: the living legend has released a free “meme generator” app.

“With this app, this meme generator, because I’m the artist that made memes popular in rap and now the world, I decided to put the generator straight from the source,” Lil B tells Complex.

The app is simple: upload a photo, tag it with one of the pre-loaded memes (THANK YOU BASEDGOD, LIL B IS MY FRIEND, TYBG, etc) or create your own and then share it with the world. Download the app for free via iTunes. Plus, this might not be the last app we see from Lil B.

“Shout out to my coder, Mat Held, he’s been teaching me some stuff,” he says. “I’m definitely gonna be dabbling in that Javascript. I love to help people so the things I’m doing are people focused.”



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