The JD-XA offers two synthesis engines in one instrument.

The attention may have been on Roland’s AIRA Modular yesterday, but it has just revealed a synthesizer at the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt that looks just as interesting.

The JD-XA combines both analog and digital synthesis engines in one instrument, allowing you to use each engine independently. You’ll also be able to blend the two to create unique textures – Roland also promises you’ll be able to do things like route the digital sound through the analog filters.

News of the JD-XA isn’t a complete surprise – the synth has been known about since January when Roland announced the more diminutive JD-Xi featuring a similar hybrid engine, but the JD-XA looks to be much more expansive.

The 64-voice synth also features a 16-track sequencer and a wide variety of on-board effects, microphone-controlled modulation and vocoder. There’s no details on pricing or availability as yet, but you can check the JD-XA out in the video below, and read the full specs at the Roland website.



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