More synth power for your controllers.

Synth manufacturer Roli, best known for their Seaboard Grand controller [pictured above], have unveiled a new cross-platform synth that is specifically designed for advanced multi-dimensional controllers (such as the Seaboard Grand).

The Equator synth builds on the technology of alternate controllers and electronic musical instruments like Roger Linn’s new Linnstrument, the Madrona Soundplane, the Eigenharp and the Haken Continuum. According to Equator’s developers, these instruments “are a new category of multidimensional instruments, each enabling multiple parameters to be controlled polyphonically on a per-note basis.”

Equator offers multi-platform flexibility, with the ability to run identical sounds as a standalone OS X application, as a plugin for your DAW and also on-board the Seaboard Grand. It also comes packaged with an expansive library of presets.

View a demo of the Equator synth below, filmed at this week’s Musikmesse event. [via Synthtopia]



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