Spotify is finding more ways to turn your listening habits into cash.

Spotify has announced a new form of ad targeting, which will allow brands to send tailored advertising based on what you’re doing while listening to music.

As The Next Web reports, the new feature makes use of Spotify’s playlists, which often signal what kind of activity people are engaged in. This means that people listening to workout playlists for example, could be served advertising relating to health and fitness products.

The service launches on May 1 and will allow brands to target 15 activities to begin with. Spotify is making use of its own data to serve this advertising along with the data of music data platform The Echo Nest, which it acquired last year.

In other Spotify news, Politico is reporting that the company is increasing its presence in Washington, DC, with four lobbying firms registering on Tuesday (April 14) to lobby on behalf of the company on issues including competition, licensing and “platform neutrality”. Spotify already has two lobbying companies representing the company in front of the European Union, and recently announced they were hiring a new vice president of public policy.

The developments could be preparations for the battle between Spotify and Apple expected to happen later this year when latter is expected to relaunch the Beats streaming service it recently acquired. Apple has also been increasing its presence in Washington, spending approximately $4.1 million on lobbying in 2014.

For more on the recent developments in the streaming business, read Andrew Friedman’s recent analysis of Jay Z’s Tidal service.



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