Dettmann, Kobosil and Norman Nodge have each remixed Fixmer’s ‘Aktion Mekanik Theme’.

Ostgun Ton is preparing to re-release Terence Fixmer’s ‘Action Mekanik Theme’, originally released via Belgian-based Music Man Records back in 2003. The track was originally featured on the Aktion Mekanik compilation compiled by Fixmer, alongside tracks from Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and Fad Gadget. Aktion Mekanik was released to showcase the EBM and industrial music that has had a significant influence on Fixmer’s creative output.

Recently, Fixmer’s ‘Aktion Mekanik Theme’ has found its way back into the sets of DJs such as Marcel Dettmann. The MDR boss has been picked to remix the track for the re-release, alongside versions from Berghain regulars Kobosil and Norman Nodge. The 12″ contains all three remixes, whilst the digital version also includes Fixmer’s 2003 original.

“I was surprised as, to me, this track was a kind of forgotten one from a limited vinyl compilation,” Fixmer says. “And it was a nice surprise to see that young artists such as Kobosil are into this kind of music, too. Marcel suggested to give this track a new life through remixes. The Kobosil one injects an amazing energy with a great sound, I wish I would have done such a version at that time.”

Ostgut Ton will release Aktion Mekanik Theme Versions on June 8. You can check the tracklist and hear Fixmer’s original version below. [via RA]


01. Aktion Mekanik Theme (Kobosil 44 Version)
02. Aktion Mekanik Theme (Norman Nodge NN Version)
03. Aktion Mekanik Theme (Marcel Dettmann Leitmotiv Version)
04. Aktion Mekanik Theme (Original Version)



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