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Take a look inside Platten Pedro, Berlin’s hidden gem of a record store

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The eccentric store has built a dedicated word of mouth following over four decades.

Platten Pedro opens every weekday morning at 10:07. That’s not because they’re a few minutes late, their website literally lists the opening time as 10:07 am — except on weekends when the doors open at 9:59. That is just one example of the wonderfully eccentric habits of Platten Pedro, which is both the name for the store and a nickname for its owner Peter Patzek which has become one of the best kept secrets of Berlin.

Opened by Patzek and his wife in what was originally West Berlin, Pedro’s collection grew to what is now over 100,000 records. There are no genre sections — rock, rap, classical — it’s all categorized alphabetically, with artists measured by the length of space they take up on the shelf. It’s a store you need to see to beleive, and now you can.

The Vinyl Factory recently headed to Platten Pedro and over the next several pages you can take a look at photos by Graeme Vaughan from the strange and wonderful store.









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