Happy #AwfulHoliday.

As always, 4/20 is proving to be a bountiful day for free music, weed-related or not. Like their contemporaries, Awful Records is getting in on the game, but — as with everything — they’re doing it their own way.

For what they’ve dubbed #AwfulHoliday, the crew members are dropping new tracks via their respective SoundCloud pages; we’ve compiled the first batch but stay tuned — it sounds like they’ll be doing this all day.

“This for yall today fuck da blogs we bout to troll they can’t keep up,” tweets Ethereal, parenthetically adding, “cept FACTmag I love them.” The feeling is mutual, obviously; here’s our profile on the entire crew.

Father and KeithCharles Spacebar dabble with AutoTune and keep it popping on ‘Gums’:

Richposlim enlists Father, Archibald Slim and Stalin Majesty for de facto crew anthem ‘Fuck Shit’:

Abra shares the woozy and wobbly ‘U Aint Got To Lie’, from a forthcoming collaborative EP with Father entitled Jacuzzi:

Ethereal unveils the digitally-damaged ‘Bump’ featuring Lord Narf, off his forthcoming record Final Fantasy (due out on July 7):

Archibald Slim and Dexter Dukarus dazzle with dusty samples on the title track from their self-explanatory Don’t Call The Cops EP:

LuiDiamonds drops ‘Mami’, which appears to be another effort inspired by his time in Miami (his next project is billed as F L A):

Pyramid Quince and Tyler Major release an entire EP of smoked-out, soul-sampling Southern rap, $-moove Douglas:

GAHM shares the first glimpses of his GODAWFULHATEMACHINE project (due in May), grabbing Stalin Majesty for the hook and Archibald Slim for a verse on ‘Gone Is Love’ and interpolating Dido with Miami’s Cherele on ‘Sun In Your Eyes’:

Micah Freeman delivers the latest track off The Red EP with the “4-on-the-floor rap” of ‘Movement’:

Narf links with SNOBMOBB’s Bootychaaain for the blown-out ‘Pass It To Me! Freestyle’, featuring Ethereal:

Quince and Dukarus also share the lead cut from their sequel to January’s Fila Coodie EP, ‘Here it Go’:

KeithCharles goes across the line with Atlanta’s Miloh Smith:

As a bonus, here are a couple Awful tracks that dropped in recent days: GAHM further explored rhythm & creep on ‘Prom (Nite Version)’, mixing R&B with Badalamenti, while Slug Christ opened the vault for ‘FooFooBooBoo Sack’, a track much more sinister than the babytalk title would suggest:

Update: Here’s the last of the haul (we think):



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